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Ford will block your car if you do not pay the credit, Patent proves it

Ford, the iconic automaker, has made a groundbreaking leap in the world of vehicle repossession. Their latest patent, “Systems and Methods for Vehicle Repossession,” has captured the attention of the world. Ford’s novel system would allow for the blocking of certain features of a vehicle before it is fully repossessed in case of non-payment.

Disabling Specific Features

Ford’s system is so innovative that it can even disable specific features of the vehicle, such as cruise control, automatic window controls, automatic seat controls, and some components of the infotainment system (radio, GPS, MP3 player, etc.). But that’s not all, the recovery system’s computer can also disable the door locking mechanism, meaning you won’t be able to access the cabin of the vehicle.

ford auto block
ford bloqueo a deudores

No Need for Additional Hardware

The system is so intelligent that it doesn’t require any additional hardware. Any car with an infotainment system capable of receiving over-the-air updates could have the technology from this patent installed with surprising ease. Imagine that!

Emergency Unlocking Mechanism

But Ford isn’t as heartless as you might think. The automaker has also incorporated a mechanism for unlocking the vehicle in case of a medical emergency. Using the vehicle’s onboard camera and a “neural network,” Ford can determine if the emergency is real and unlock the vehicle for the driver.


While not all patents turn into products, Ford has made a significant breakthrough with their novel vehicle repossession system. This system could change the way vehicle loan defaults are handled. Ford has once again demonstrated why they are one of the most innovative automakers in the world.

Hopefully, Ford will be able to implement this system into all their vehicle models. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see how effective the system truly is. But if it works as described, Ford may have created a significant advancement in vehicle loan recovery technology.

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