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Zeekr X: New Compact Size Electric Crossover by Zeekr

The electric car brand Zeekr has unveiled its third model, a compact crossover called Zeekr X. This new model is built on the Geely platform, also used by Lotus and Polestar. Although Zeekr currently only sells vehicles in China, its design was created at the company’s facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo’s world headquarters.

The Zeekr X’s design is related to the brand’s first two models, but still boasts a distinctive look. Bipart headlamps and frameless doors enhance the crossover’s aerodynamics, and its bodywork features sharp, angular creases.

Zeekr X
zeekr x

The New Electric Crossover The Zeekr X measures 375.2 centimeters long with a wheelbase of 208.3 centimeters. At 172.3 centimeters wide, it’s slightly narrower than an electric Volvo XC40, but it’s shorter and lower.

Zeekr has yet to reveal details about the Zeekr X’s powertrain, but it is expected to be based on the Sustainable Architecture platform and be able to hit 62mph in 4.0 seconds. It is expected to launch in April and could herald the brand’s expansion into European markets.

Zeekr X
zeekr x 2024

The Zeekr X is an exciting new compact size electric crossover model with a distinctive design and outstanding features. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding its powertrain and release date.

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