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Artificial intelligence reaches police vehicles

In the past, a police officer had to stop his vehicle and go to a public phone in the street to call the central office in any situation, whether it was the verification of a suspicious individual, a request for reinforcements or an emergency. Over time, officers adopted the use of Motorola radios, and today, vehicles even feature Artificial Intelligence (AI) for various purposes, in addition to the ever-reliable radio system.

“Responsibly introducing AI into public safety is essential to drive efficiency, safety and transparency in policing. From a simple task, such as automatically starting a recording of a person stopped in the back seat of a vehicle to ensure their safety and the safety of others involved, to becoming an extra set of eyes for police officers, watching the street around of the vehicle”, affirms Aroldo Carvalho, Expert in video security solutions at Motorola Solutions.

In addition to being a great help, the AI ​​system can record everything that happens to be used in future investigations through cameras in the vehicle and on the vest of the officers in the field. So the command center has eyes and ears wherever its officers are operating, with multiple perspectives and the use of the cloud to organize, process and catalog images and video with the security of unchangeable records.

In everyday life, a police officer who is making his rounds, watching the streets, may receive an alert of a vehicle wanted for being stolen or for having been involved in a crime. The officer no longer needs to identify and verify the license plate of the car because the AI ​​system in the vehicle instantly and automatically detects it and generates an alert. From the identification, the command center is also informed, which can send help to the officer and synchronize his body camera. In other cases, it is possible to locate a missing person or even a suspect in a crime.

All these advances are no longer reserved solely for sci-fi movies or fixed cameras built into the command and control center, technology has made it a reality and is available in police vehicles to assist security forces in their daily missions. .

Beyond Monitoring

Cameras that record the back seat, the front of the vehicle, the police officer, and body cameras. High sensitivity microphones, access to databases, recognition of people and vehicle license plates. The result is an immense amount of data.

Monitoring is only one part of the system that uses AI. For it to be truly effective, full integration and intelligent processing of the data obtained is needed.

A complete solution, in addition to monitoring and generating alarms, must record this information securely and in compliance with the data protection laws that apply to each country. This is a major step in automation that transforms the daily challenge for police forces to ensure that all actions that take place in vehicles are securely recorded, remain unchanged, and that video evidence is automatically cataloged and stored. stored in the incident log, which can only be accessed by authorized persons if legally required.

That is when the use of certified cloud services for evidence storage comes into play. Already widely used by businesses and even in homes, for example in email services or mobile phone applications, the cloud is an ally of public safety, providing easy, integrated, and automated. In this way, security organizations no longer have to worry about computing and can focus their efforts on their main objective: protecting the population.

Before an investigation or simply during a review of a police action to improve procedures, a video recording can be easily located and even crossed with other types of information such as alerts issued, date and time, among others. All this through auditable files that can be used as evidence in court or for the purpose of rendering accounts.

“At Motorola Solutions we have a complete system for vehicles, the M500. It is an innovative advance in real-time situational awareness. It is not just a simple observation of images, but a complete analysis that alerts the police officer in real time about threats and targets. Combined with the front camera, the cockpit camera and the body camera, as well as the vehicle license plate recognition system and the central processor, the M500 is the platform of the future”, concludes Carvalho.

In the past, a vehicle only had a siren, today it has become a real mobile base with eyes, ears and, above all, an artificial brain. In it today it is possible to have an entire ecosystem of technology on wheels at the service of people at moments that really matter.

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