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Chrysler shows an interior concept with very large screens

Featuring two 37.2-inch screens and exciting materials, the demo showcases the cockpit of future electric vehicles like the 2025 Chrysler Airflow.

Chrysler hasn’t released a new vehicle in a while, but at CES 2023 it showed off a new interior concept that could be included in future Chrysler products. The two-seat cockpit, called the Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator, features a futuristic dashboard design and advanced infotainment system that shows what the interior of Chrysler’s upcoming electric cars will look like, the first of which will go on sale in 2025.

The main focal points of the dash are two huge 37.2-inch screens, one facing the driver and the other across the cabin facing the passenger. These include software Chrysler calls STLA Smart Cockpit, which includes a virtual assistant, various display modes, and over-the-air updates.

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