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LEXUS ELECTRIFIED: This is Lexus inspired by people

Lexus Showcases New Marketing Campaign, Lexus Shares Its Vision For An Electric Future.

This is Lexus Electrified. What will determine the future of electrification? Lexus believes that the future of electric vehicles will be versatile, predictable and focused on improving driving and ownership for consumers. A new marketing campaign called “Lexus Electrification” shows how people are the inspiration behind the versatility of the Lexus range of electric vehicles. The “Flock of Feathers Birds” commercial premieres today. Lexus electrification: inspired by people

Vinay Shahani, Vice President of Lexus, said: “When it comes to the mobility needs of our guests, we know that one size does not fit all. That is why we created an electrified powertrain with a choice of powertrains. An experience that It can fit everyone and enhance every lifestyle.” Marketing. “With refined styling, impeccable craftsmanship and the support of our incredible dealer network across the country, our electric vehicles deliver an immersive luxury experience inspired by our guests.”

Lexus electrified
Lexus electrified USA

Lexus has been a pioneer in electrifying the luxury car market since 2005 when it introduced the RX 400h, the world’s first luxury hybrid SUV. In keeping with its vision of “Lexus Electrification”, Lexus aims to work towards CO2 neutrality in a way that is accessible to all guests, with a range of powertrains tailored to their individual needs. Lexus will continue to enrich its electric vehicle portfolio, which currently includes Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), to deliver the ultimate luxury electrification experience that exceeds needs and expectations. . Luxury car buyers. By 2035, Lexus aims to achieve 100% BEV across all its global models.

“Birds of a feather flock together” vividly expresses the idea that people are the strength of every Lexus. Many people use electricity in different ways in different settings to further their interests. The band was playing in the room. A tennis player hits a ball thrown by a motor. The dancers wear bright costumes. The cables that descend from each step are a metaphor for the human electricity that drives Lexus innovation. The ad features four Lexus EVs: the RZ 450e, RX 500h, NX 450h+, and an electric sports car concept. As part of the Electrify campaign, Lexus has partnered with The Atlantic to become the exclusive automotive sponsor of Progress, a broadcast project and series of live events dedicated to informing about current developments and opportunities to build a better future. The show shows innovative inventions in action around the world, including the Lexus electric cooker. The Lexus sponsorship begins at the Atlantic Progress Summit in Los Angeles in December and continues through March through digital, in-person, social and print content.

“Flock of Feathers” will air on TV, cable and sports channels. The event will be broadcast via digital, broadcast audio, social, print and out-of-home media, as well as linear and streaming video. For more information, visit

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