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Mercedes starts its own high-speed charging network for electric

The charging stations can also be used by owners of other EV brands, with 10,000 charging stations reaching North America, Europe and China by the end of the decade, a joint venture with ChargePoint and MN8 Energy.


Mercedes-Benz will introduce a new open network of EV chargers in North America this year. Mercedes plans to operate more than 400 hubs (also known as charging stations) and more than 2,500 high-capacity chargers (also known as plugs) in North America by 2027.

Mercedes says the network will also expand to more than 10,000 chargers in Europe, China and “other major markets” by the end of the decade. Initially, Mercedes plans to have between four and 12 chargers at the center, but in the future this number could increase to 30 chargers at the center.

Mercedes-Benz Charger
mercedes charger 2

Mercedes-Benz CTO Markus Schaefer said in a media interview that one of the main reasons Mercedes is willing to spend billions of dollars to buy land and install thousands of charging stations is to improve Mercedes electric cars. Driver Experience is at CES this week. Schaefer said customers have made it clear what they think of current EV charging solutions, and the level of dissatisfaction has led Mercedes to decide to “do the right thing the way we think it should be done.” This means finding safe, clean and convenient station locations and a technology system that benefits Mercedes drivers.

This includes discounted prices for Mercedes me Charge users and the way your Mercedes electric car can take you to a charging station on long journeys and automatically book a charging appointment there. If you choose a different route or get stuck in traffic, you can dynamically update your reservation with no additional work on the driver’s part.

For example, Mercedes-Benz EV drivers can manually book time at a charging station and the network will “prioritize Mercedes-Benz customers.” From the driver’s point of view, the Mercedes electric car navigation system will be able to communicate with the charging network, then automatically optimize the route and, if necessary, order the charging time to reach its destination on time and within the operating range. anxiety. Schaefer said the final system is “at the Vision EQXX booth, and Mercedes-Benz’s big announcement at CES this year isn’t a new car, but news that the automaker is entering the online game.” “. up to 350kw. The charging network will be open to drivers of any compatible electric vehicle at designated locations near major urban areas, major highways and participating Mercedes-Benz dealerships. The charging stations will use Plug & Charge to send payment information from the car to the charger without further interaction, but payments can also be made by credit card and app.

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