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New 2023 HONDA ACCORD The brand gives us A PREVIEW

Honda makes big claims about the new Accord. In its teaser announcement, the automaker says the model “brings the excitement back to the midsize sedan segment.” The company also claims there’s “a more responsive and fun-to-drive hybrid powertrain.”

The two exterior images reveal a more angularly styled bumper. The hexagonal grid has sharp outer edges. The running lights are above the headlights.

In the rear, the Accord also appears more chiseled. The taillights take up most of the rear, except in the middle where the Honda emblem is.

Inside, Honda shows off the new infotainment screen. It sits on the tsblero and is rectangular in shape. The screen layout resembles that of the latest Civic, but the physical buttons are gone. The only control left is a knob below the screen that appears to be for audio volume controls.

On the far left of the image, the instrument cluster can be glimpsed. It appears to be a digital screen.

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