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New 2023 Honda Civic Type R Unveiled

The New Generation 2023 Honda Civic Type R is now official.

Honda has finally pulled the veil off its latest 2023 Honda Civic Type R. This one is based on the next-generation Civic. It’s been a long time coming, and Honda has already gone to work setting lap time records in the new Civic Type R. Being Stealthed, it now holds the front-wheel drive record at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan.

That, plus a host of refinements to the previous-gen recipe, means it should still be a lot of fun to drive.

Sure, but the Next-Gen Civic looks more understated than the last, so that’s about it. There are still a few details of the Type R to be seen, including a sportier new body kit wrapped around a lower-sitting car with a wider footprint than the conventional Civic.

Like the old one, there’s still a triple-pipe center exhaust and rear wing on die-cast aluminum mounts. In addition to Honda’s traditional Championship White paint, the new Type R will also be available in red, blue, black and grey.

Inside, the New 2023 Civic Type R received a few touches of red, including bright red sport seats (in the traditional fashion) as well as a metal gear knob that will be jewel ravaged after the first few miles. .

Honda says there’s a new Log R data logger on board that pairs with your phone that includes a lap timer and displays various car metrics on board.

Some performance specs of the 2023 Civic Type R!

And this is where Honda has been frustratingly lazy. The brand says this new generation “builds on the award-winning foundation of its predecessor’s famous engine,” meaning it still uses a 2-liter turbo that makes at least 316 horsepower. But that’s all for now; no 0-60 or top speed times, not even any confirmation of power and torque figures beyond Honda boasting that the new Type R is “one of the most powerful cars per liter in its class” .

Even so, we expect modest power increases due to the engine revisions. Honda says a new, more efficient turbo has been applied that has a revised turbine with more blades inside that increases power, for example. There’s a new exhaust system that Honda says also improves the car’s power-to-weight ratio.

It still uses a rev-matchable six-speed manual gearbox, which we hope will be just as tactile as the last one, and chunky Brembo brakes will ensure it stops on a dime. There are Comfort, Sport and Plus R modes to choose from, as well as a new Individual drive mode that lets you customize certain parameters to your liking.

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