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New BUGATTI MISTRAL W16 with 1600 HP

This is the New Bugatti Mistral W16 Convertible, Built around the ultimate incarnation with the 1600 Horsepower W16 engine, first used in the Super Sport 300+2, the Bugatti Mistral W16 offers performance unlike any other convertible ever. before.

In its design and engineering it is completely custom made; The existing monocoque is not simply cut above the A-pillars to make way for the new convertible design, but has been redesigned and reshaped to create a more rounded silhouette without compromising performance.

It is very likely that the Bugatti Mistral will go faster than the Veron G V considering that it has an advantage of almost 400 more horses. Whether an actual top-speed race will take place remains to be seen, considering Bugatti said a while ago that it’s no longer interested in chasing records.

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