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The 2024 Honda Civic Hybrid returns to the United States

Hybrid drivetrains are already part of all market segments, from sedans and SUVs to SUVs. Honda will follow suit by reintroducing the Honda Civic Hybrid in 2024, nine years after it was discontinued. As the automotive world transitions to electrification, Honda is making plans of its own. To that end, it will bring the 2024 Honda Civic Hybrid back to the US market. The Civic Hybrid hasn’t been seen in the US since production ceased in 2015. Now it returns in 2024, offering sedan and hatchback body styles.

Honda Civic 2024
honda civic hatchback

Honda is working on a hybrid:

Honda is taking the well-trodden path of using hybrid models as a springboard to full electrification. The CR-V Hybrid and Accord Hybrid have joined the US lineup. They are perfect for the respective models. Honda expects hybrids to eventually account for 50 percent of Accord and CR-V sales. The New Honda Civic Hybrid is likely to follow in its footsteps. It’s all part of Honda’s efforts to sell 100% zero-emissions vehicles in North America, a goal it hopes to achieve by 2040. The goal is to transition Honda to zero emissions to promote models like the . for all-electric vehicles such as hybrid models they become the company’s sales volume. Honda’s path to a hybrid car:

Honda Civic 2024
honda civic si

This isn’t the first time Honda has gone hybrid in the United States. In 1999, the Honda Insight outsold the Toyota Prius by seven months in the US market, though it never enjoyed much popularity. The third-generation model is finally seeing some success, with 70,000 units sold since its launch in 2018. The Civic Hybrid was also previously sold in the US from 2003 to 2015 before being pulled from the market in 2015.

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