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Volvo Cars changes the nomenclatures of its vehicles

Volvo Cars has traditionally relied on an alphanumeric naming system since the very first model, the “ÖV 4”, which translates to “open 4-cylinder car” in English. Throughout history, the Swedish brand has named its different models with the purpose of identifying and highlighting the qualities that each vehicle offers.

The names use a simple and intuitive formula that helps people find the references of their XC40, XC60 and XC90 models.

Thus, the Momentum versions will be called Plus, the Inscription references will be Ultimate and the R-Design will be known as Ultimate Dark.

According to Nicolás Olarte, Volvo Cars Colombia post-sales manager, “the new nomenclature is an architecture that was born electric and is in line with our purpose towards electrification.” In this way, the new nomenclature of the portfolio of Volvo Cars hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric models for the Colombian market are:

  • XC40 Recharge Plus Pure Electric
  • XC40 Recharge Ultimate Pure Electric
  • XC40Plus B4
  • XC40 Ultimate Dark B5
  • XC60 Recharge Ultimate T8
  • XC60 Recharge Ultimate Dark T8
  • XC60 Polestar Engineered T8
  • XC60Plus B5
  • XC60 Ultimate B6
  • XC90 Ultimate B6
  • XC90 Recharge Ultimate T8


  • C40 Recharge Plus Pure Electric

  • C40 Recharge Ultimate Pure Electric

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