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Ford recalls half a million Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs in the US market due to fire risk

The recall involves previously recalled units but for a different component with the same risk.

Ford has filed a new voluntary recall, involving more than half a million SUVs built since 2018. The recall targets a faulty component under the hood that could cause a fire.

The recall involves 333,342 Ford Escape units and 188,436 Bronco Sport units for a total of 521,778 vehicles potentially involved. The culprit behind this recall is said to be the fuel injector, which can rupture, leading to a fuel leak or fuel vapor. When placed near sources of ignition, this could lead to a possible underhood fire.

According to analysis contained in NHTSA recall 22V-859, the “cracked fuel injector on the engine allows fuel to leak at a high rate (19 L/hr) into the cylinder head, which can exit through out of a weep hole and down onto hot surfaces in the exhaust/turbo system where it can catch fire.

This flawed design entered production on November 19, 2018 (the earliest production date for the 2020 Escape) and went out of production on October 17, 2022 (the latest production date for the 2023 Escape and Bronco Sport).

Ford Escape and Bronco Sport units listed on these production dates are part of the voluntary recall.

According to the document, the remedy for this will be updated engine control software that detects a drop in fuel rail pressure and informs the driver via the instrument cluster. A drain tube will also be installed to direct fuel from the cylinder head drain hole, away from surfaces that can start combustion, to the ground under the vehicle.


This is not the first recall of said Escape and Bronco Sport units. In April of this year, the same batch of SUVs was recalled for a fire hazard but involving a different component: the engine oil separator housing, which could crack and develop an oil leak.

Source: NHTSA

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