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Volvo EX30 made in China confirmed for 2023

This is Volvo EX30 will arrive in China as part of Volvo’s global strategy


The Volvo EX30 is ready for China. When Volvo introduced the EX90 last month, a much smaller electric crossover was shown right at the end of the livestreamed event. At the time, most journalists assumed it would be called the “EX30”, something the company’s CEO has now confirmed. Speaking with Automotive News Europe, Jim Rowan acknowledged that the small EV will use this moniker once it launches sometime in 2023. He went on to mention that it will be built in China.

The Geely-owned automaker projects the EX30 will play a “significant role” in achieving an ambitious goal of increasing sales by more than 70 percent by 2025. Volvo wants to deliver 1.2 million cars annually by mid-June. the decade, according to the former Dyson. executive. He believes factories in Chengdu, Daqing and Taizhou in China will be “quite busy” assembling the basic electric crossover.

Jim Rowan told ANE that the typical customer will be 18 or 19 years old and buying their first car at the “right price plus the flexibility, insurance and roadside assistance that Care by Volvo offers.” To make it more accessible, the EX30 will be offered with a subscription plan that requires a commitment of at least three months. The top managers of the company are confident that people will keep their vehicles for much longer.

Asked if the Swedes are interested in renting or swapping out batteries to bring down the asking price, the CEO ruled it out on safety grounds. Since the battery plays an important role in the event of an accident, Volvo does not want to take any chances. He went on to say that frequently plugging and unplugging batteries could be dangerous considering how powerful they are.

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En el otro extremo de la alineación, el XC90 no irá a ninguna parte. Aunque el nuevo EX90 totalmente eléctrico asume el papel de buque insignia, Jim Rowan dijo que el SUV con motor de combustión todavía tiene sentido en ciertos mercados donde la infraestructura de carga aún no está lista. Precisó que la adopción de EV en las regiones interiores de los Estados Unidos y China está tomando más tiempo en comparación con las áreas costeras. En consecuencia, “el XC90 permanecerá en el rango por un tiempo”.

En febrero, el ex CEO de Volvo, Hakan Samuelsson, dijo que el modelo no solo continuará sino que incluso recibirá revisiones cosméticas . Para un SUV de lujo que ha existido en su segunda versión desde 2015, el XC90 ha envejecido con gracia y diríamos que no parece obsoleto en comparación con los vehículos más nuevos del mismo segmento.

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